Secret to Success: Quantum Feature

As we work further into 2022, we are putting in all our effort to hit our monthly goals, so that soon we can reach our yearly goals of 100% prelease. This month, we are happy to announce that another one of our sister sites has achieved Century Club status! Everyone, please help us congratulate Quantum team for their success. We were extremely eager and excited to take a moment and sit down with team members Matt Del Sol, Property Manager, Dalvin Roberts, Leasing and Marketing Manager, and Madson Lee and Alison Trezek, Leasing Consultants, who gave us their strategy when it comes to hitting 100% in their specific market.

The interesting thing about Quantum as a property, is that it was our first acquisition after the pandemic began in 2020. While it is brand new and equipped with fabulous amenities and floorplans, we were originally unsure of how well it would perform due to COVID slowing leasing down everywhere. They ended up hitting 100% by April of 2021, which seemed about standard for the market they were in. However, this year, Quantum came flying out of the gates and were preleased by February. Not only did they hit Century Club, but they did so with a 4.7% rate increase from the previous year, totalling in a 45% retention rate.

So The Quantum staff was able to do the job, but how? Especially when the year before was later? When I asked the team what it took, they responded with one simple answer: teamwork. “Our team all together worked on getting it done,” said Matt. Not only is this property new, but the team was able to “build their brand” with keeping grounds spotless, caring about their residents, and prioritizing their reputation. “Being personable and making conversation makes our residents want to come to us with anything,” said Madyson. With that being said, we wanted to take a moment to shout out every team member at Quantum West Call for their hard work and dedication to helping the property succeed!

  • Matt Del Sol – Property Manager

  • Robert Lee – Assistant Property Manager

  • Dalvin Roberts- Leasing and Marketing Manager

  • Madyson Lee- Leasing Consultant

  • Alison Trezek – Leasing Consultant

  • Ashley Byrd-  Leasing Consultant

  • Savannah Sharp – Leasing Consultant

  • Ja’lan Rose- Leasing Consultant

  • Jayden Lee – Leasing Consultant

  • Kyra Ramirez – Leasing Consultant

  • William Liscano- Maintenance Supervisor

  • Tyler O’Connor – Grounds Keeper

  • Nicholas Boerner – Grounds Keeper

While teamwork certainly was a major portion of the team’s tactics for success, they also attribute hitting Century Club to their online reputation. Keeping your online ratings up to date and mostly positive is something so many of us can attest to being difficult, as important as it is. Quantum not only has over 4 stars across the board, but they also keep the new reviews flowing in. When we asked how they were able to manage this, they said their candid customer service always did the trick. “People were impressed with customer service and how we managed the situations they were in,” said Dalvin, “and they felt the need to share that online. We never really had to ask anyone.” As a result of this, the staff says that their ratings make their property a “first stop” for many touring prospects. When they are at the top of someone’s list before even touring, it is much easier to close the lead by showing them what those reviews were raving about! “Some people never even felt the need to visit due to our reputation,” quoted Alison. “They would just get online, see how many people loved Quantum, and were ready to live with us, too!” This team put in the extra effort to make sure their residents were extremely satisfied, and it is simple to say that they are reaping the rewards of what they sowed.

The question is now, simply, what are they up to now? “Subleasing,” said Matt, “We want to keep placement updated and our waitlist short.” Along with keeping backfills and subleases rolling in, this team is preparing for turn and move in this year. Planning the move in process, Welcome Week, and post-turn surveys, they are making sure everything is in place for a successful start to their year. To put the cherry on top, the Quantum staff is taking this down time to have fun with their residents, and create an even more engaging living experience for their current tenants. For example, a week or so ago, Robert found a bubble machine in their promo closet. They had an impromptu bubble party in their office, where residents found themselves enjoying the flurry of bubbles in the leasing space. These are the moments their residents will remember when telling their friends about their experience at Quantum on West Call!

Being at 100%, the team members had some wonderful advice to share. “Have a common goal,” stated Matt, “keep the team objective in mind, not just the individual goals we set.” Instead of looking at each agents’ goals, this team focused on the goal for the month and attacked it that way. “It is hard to get the job done as one person,” Dalvin said. “It really shows through our reputation to our residents that we work as a unit. If you have a good team, everything falls into place.” Madyson can attest to this as well, saying “We took extra time to help each other outside of normal leasing tasks. We have all learned quite a bit from one another by working as one instead of worrying just about ourselves.”

Once again, we would like to congratulate Quantum on West Call, and all the staff on their remarkable dedication and determination to reach their goals! We just know that this is only the beginning of breaking records for this team, and changing the way we view innovative leasing. 

To the rest of us, let’s follow suit and hit those goals! It is only a matter of time before we will all join The Century Club! We can do it!