TPCO DEI Council Introduction

Towards the end of 2020, it was announced that the Preiss Company was creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. This was a crucial step in remaining steadfast and committed to developing, implementing, and sustaining long-term equitable practices.

We partnered with Intersections, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting group who have guided us through the initial process of building the DEI Council. Check out this video below to learn about who Intersections is and how they will be helping us moving forward.


DEI Council Members

Katie Marlow, she/her, Assistant Property Manager at Live on Hillsborough

Katie’s not afraid to share that her superpower is being a mom. Her desire to work within the Council stems from her desire to hold space and empathy for everyone, while respecting different core beliefs.

Wallace Johnson, he/him, Property Manager at Signature Hartwell Village

Wallace will bring incredible energy to the Preiss Council. His superpower is adaptability. His goal in DEI work is not to change how one may feel, but to offer a different perspective that perhaps hasn’t been considered.

Keyara Donna, she/her, Leasing Consultant at Signature Hartwell Village

Keyara superpower is surrounded by helping people succeed and seeing numerous verticals to do so. Keyara is most interested in the continued education that the Council will be able to provide for others within Preiss.

Khant Win, he/him, Leasing Consultant at Rebel Place

Khant’s superpower is exhibited through his ability to de-stress the workplace and situations around him. No matter how good or bad each day is, Khant would like to assist others in understanding various cultures and reminding others not to be quick to judge.

Kenneth Rivera, he/him, Leasing Manager at Signature Hartwell Village

Kenneth’s superpower is his ability to speak up when there is a problem. He remains aware of unconscious biases through his lived experience and his desire to remain inclusive

Marcus Hamilton, he/him, Leasing Manager at Cabana Beach Gainesville

Marcus’ superpower lies in conversation and being able to meet people where they are. He enjoys trying different approaches and getting to know people for their authentic selves.

Amanda Vinka, she/her, Property Manager at Axis West

Amanda superpower lies in the desire to fight for those who may not have had the easiest of lives. She feels that with empathy, kindness, and courage, changes can be made

Gary Still, he/him, Assistant Property Manager at Signature 1909.

Gary superpower is within his fun, cheerful personality followed by a firm follow through on the most important things he’s committed to. Gary is able to look at situations from various lenses, based on his own experiences and traveling.