Autism Acceptance Day

With it being the beginning of a new month, we have so much to look forward to as a company in April. There is one day, however, that our teams and offices notoriously are prepared to recognize year after year. That day, tomorrow, is Autism Acceptance Day.

Given that we have team members that have family members and friends that function within the autism spectrum, it is important to note that we are lucky enough to recognize and celebrate awareness every single day. However, during this designated time period, Preiss makes sure to “Light it Up Blue” and take extra special priority in loving on those special family members and friends.

We not only want to highlight our teams and staff members who are celebrating today (and tomorrow), but to also highlight ways that we can continue to recognize the importance of Autism Acceptance even in days to come!
Become Informed! Take some time to research how the autism spectrum works, and how to better interact and communicate with those who fall on this spectrum. Recognize all the things that these individuals are capable of and can do, rather than what they may be limited in doing. Once you are able to understand, you will better help others understand as well! A great place to learn more would be at Local Events! There are many events that our communities hold to celebrate and bring awareness to autism. Things such as races and walks, community “buddy” systems, and advocacy programs are all great ways to get involved in this amazing effort to serve our friends and family. Take a moment to research these events in your area and encourage your own teams, families, and even residents to participate and celebrate!

Be an Advocate and Speak Up! Stand up for those on the spectrum that may be facing adversity or challenges. Hold those who may be speaking down on others accountable to their actions and words. Ensure that individuals with autism are capable of being just as successful as anyone else with the right support! Respect goes a long way, so having that respect and understanding and sharing that with others in your circle can make a huge difference. End the stigma!
Donate to a Cause! A great way to be an advocate is to also give back to organizations who are on the forefront of these efforts. Find local causes that advocate for those with autism and host events at your properties or in your personal communities to help raise money to donate. Bake sales, 5k’s, and penny wars are all easy events you can host and manage to help raise money for autism research and involvement.

Support Those on the Spectrum and Their Families! Always ensure you are there to support your friends and family. Check in with them regularly and offer a helping hand in any regard, and be there for them on the good and not so good days! Having a community to rely on makes a huge difference for everyone.

Thank you so much to those of you that have been sharing your support for Autism Acceptance by wearing blue today and sharing photos on social media! As this initiative has evolved and grown over the years, we ask that you please use the updated verbiage of “Autism Acceptance” in leu of “awareness.”

Thank you again for supporting a wonderful cause that means so much to many of us in the Preiss Family, today and every day!